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Skis and bindings are expensive but luckily the days of having to have multiples of everything are over. Quiver Killer inserts let you take bindings on and off your skis - just like a snowboard. You can use a touring and alpine binding on the same ski or use your fancy new Salomon Shift bindings on all of your skis.

We drill the ski as normal then put the inserts into the slightly larger holes. The inserts actually reinforce the ski making them stronger and more resistant to ripping out than traditional ski mounting.


To install your Quiver Killer setup we need to keep your skis for 48hrs to ensure that everything is dry so it's always best to book them in. Alternatively you can buy your inserts and installation kit from us and do it yourself. 

installing quiver killer inserts at sole bootlab ski worshop
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Ski repairs, ptex, patching and edge replacemet
mount yor new ski bindings
sevice your skis to keep them performing well
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CAST have created the world’s first pin-tech touring system with the full reliability, safety and bomber performance of an alpine binding.


CAST’s patented and fully integrated quick-release mechanism allows you go uphill on super-light pin-tech touring toes, and shred down on a full alpine setup in a matter of seconds.


The result is a first of its kind, confidence inspiring backcountry experience.

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