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We fully guarantee all our work and it comes as no cost to you when you buy boots at SOLE. Boots fitted by us will not only be more precise than those bought elsewhere, but comfortable for their life. 

Whilst most clients leave happy first visit, If you are in anyway dissatisfied, we will modify, swap liners and work continually with you to fine tune the fit, this will improve you as a skier, this is unique to every one of you, so this processes is invaluable to make sure you have no more painful ski boots.

If for whatever reason we fail to resolve any issues, you will be offered a different boot, or failing the availability of a better choice, a refund. It is a fine balance between optimum comfort and optimum precision, your patience here will yield the best results, we absolutely guarantee it!

Whilst we can usually find time for you, between December and March we strongly advise you make an appointment so as to not eat away at your precious time in resort. We accept bookings to work on boots bought elsewhere in the mornings only, as the afternoons are very busy with us selling our own stock.


A full list of appointment types and bootfitters available is offered to you within the super simple process, click, click, click and rock up!





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