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"bootcoin" the new art of custom remote fitting.

Well the world is a bit of a mess, but there's one bit that has got our attention more than any other "BIT"......... BTC or bitcoin. Hold on, we're ski BOOT fitters first and business people second, but we can't ignore these changes in commerce.

We have had to look at new ways to generate revenue and help cover our operational costs during this health and economic crisis.

BTC or bitcoin is obviously having a great time. E-Commerce is becoming the "new normal" can anyone compete with Amazon?

Is there room for a small retailer, offering added value from customisation and personal service?

We hope so, and hope you'll join us in our new quest, "bootcoin."

We hope your willingness to join us will help us adapt our skills beyond our garage.

bootcoin "BCN" subscribers will receive free footbeds and upto 20% off all of our bootrange, per pair of boots, transactions will always be agreed before the payment request is made and returned.

We've tried and tested a few "remote fitting" services, mostly; us knowing peoples feet well, then sending them new boots already modified to use with footbeds and liners previously made by us. And to be fair, we've nailed it everytime! That said 8-12pairs of well known feet should be pretty simple we think.

So we're gonna try do this via chat, media transfer and transactions only in bitcoin.

You can buy your skis, binding, boots and all other stuff from our SHOP.

There we'll meet in the usual way, right time, over a beer, and see if we can get you what you need, 'in the usual way, ....,over a beer.

Hopefully we'll have news this week, whether we can open if we reserve the "workshop" entirely/exclusively for you

Clients known to us, people that have BTC to pay for the service, can use our "Coinbase" account for consultation, modification and the best of our knowledge and skills can provide online.

If you are not totally satisfied with the offer, you simply let our payment request expire.

Once our transaction is completed we will undertake the remote work and hope we get this right together, only you can judge that.

Why now, why bitcoin?

Quite honestly the increase in BTC's worth; direction and trust-based transactional power.

We hope our clients recognise our trust-factor, the info and help you recieve will always be that which you expect in the shop. The better we know you, the more you can get out of this and the easier and more precise we'll get. We hope that the value of BTC will continue to rise and we'll keep our heads above water, it will be quite a rollercoaster. If you can give us some help, get intouch, FB, insta, WhatsappBus, Email to

I hope this reaches you well. xx

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