SOLE Bootlab are the experts in fitting ski boots for maximum precision and comfort.



SOLEbootlab specialise in custom fitting ski and snowboard boots. 

We have been bootfitting and making custom fitted ski boots here in Chamonix since 2000.


Whatever level skier; from the first time out on the snow, to those waiting in the start gate for a possible world title, properly fitted ski boots will make the difference to your progress for years to come.

We are certain we can push the precision and performance beyond that which you have ever experienced elsewhere. Our fitting will ensure the only thing holding you back is you.

Your ski boots are undoubtedly the first purchase you should be making. Precise control of your skis  is the key. Weeks of expensive tuition can be wasted if you lack that control.







Whilst we can usually find time for you, between December and March we strongly advise you make an appointment so as to not eat away at your precious time in resort. We accept bookings to work on boots bought elsewhere in the mornings only, as the afternoons are very busy with us selling our own stock.


A full list of appointment types and bootfitters available is offered to you within the super simple process, click, click, click and rock up!

We fully guarantee all our work and it comes as no cost to you when you buy boots at SOLE. Boots fitted by us will not only be more precise than those bought elsewhere, but comfortable for their life. 


Think of it like this, then think no more....

SOLE is now buying YOUR skis, building YOU YOUR quiver. Keeping them safe and in the best condition. YOUR new quiver has the best products, suitable for all conditions here in Chamonix. Your skis will be set up for you, your way, with no compromise, what you use is what you would own.

Whilst owning your own custom fitted ski boots in an absolute must, we are starting to question the needs to own our other hardware. Technology changes so fast, conditions are at best a gamble, so why not "Fly Free." No more cumbersome baggage to check in, at yet another queue and a ridiculous price.

You can freeride, tour, ski the steeps and blast the pow and always be sure the skis you have are the optimum tool for the job.

FLY FREE, the future of sports equipment ownership

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