Each year we get closer to the "one boot does all" holy grail. The New Tecnica ZERO G Tour range is unsurprisingly getting us all there. The Zero G Tour Pro is beefy enough to drive <120 skis, is easy on the up and, coupled with a binding like the Salomon Shift, going to be hard to beat for the modern Steep Skier looking for security and fun from the highest evelavtion to the snowfree zone. Whilst no boot with a walk mode can compare to a full blown Race boot, there will be no comprimise here, if you don't train gates or access only lift served powder fields with Alpine bindings and uber-fat skis. The Zero G Tour Pro is a proper Modern Freeride Ski Boot, that will leaving you dancing at the end of your day whether or not you actually can, want or need to take a trip home to swap out for your Adidias.

Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro Ski Boots

699,99 € Regular Price
550,00 €Sale Price
  • 1120gms


14 Chemin des Pouvolles

Chamonix Mont Blanc




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