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It's pretty hard for us guys to to get excited about Alpine Ski Race Boots these days. Yah Yah, we live and work in Chamonix, home of "Freeride" skiing, where techique and piste are dirty words. But science is science, beef it up, strap it down, and hit the hard stuff. No Freeride/Hybrid/Free Touring boot actually does this shit, like it needs to be done. We can all eat a steak without a proper knife right? The S Max Race is a call back to a project where low volume, high power race boots had to be made in half sizes. Ergo, low volume, precise fit, power direct response, ski it and you'll miss it! The world of weight to power is catching up quick, but no formula one racing car has a 4x4 mode just in case does it? Feel your fear, ski to your limits.



Salomon S Race 140 Ski Boots

649,99 €Price
  • 2100g


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