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HOLY SHIFT, yah yah yah, it's being said everywhere, and rightly so. Theyr'e just bindings right? You love your skis, your boots, your goggles, well believe us your bindings are the connection atht means you wanna do this shit in the first place. Try a traditional touring binding with the kit you know so well, you might never tour again, but that is now over. This binding has it all, and we really want you to use it. It is simply aspirational. Maybe you don't need a binding that swithches to touring, or maybe you need a binding that only tours. Life changes, and why not make that transition easy and smooth. This is an actual revolution. The unimpared performance here, up or down is the whole point, convienence without comprimise. It's dampening and suspenssion means it simply skis like any another Alpine binding, meaning, it works. After that, a little hike over there, or a full itinery up and over there and back again is simple. You hike, you ski, you laugh and all intime to be home for tea. Nobody skis to hang out in crowds right, well at that moment when you decide it's time to cut and run, the Shift makes it happen. Make the Shift, cut loose!

Amer Shift DIN 10/13 Ski Bindings

499,99 €Price
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