We spoted this boot as a sollution to one of the greatest problems we have to deal with. Ladies that ski well, with a tight calves that require heel elvation to negate the tired quads, aching feet and cold toes. The Mach 1 LV has a precision fit, alows us plenty of space to lift your heels for better balance and heat mold and adapt the rear spoiler to accomodate the best position for you to get the most out of the day. Once we've got all that dialed, you can be sure the Mack 1 will drive any ski, anywhere as fast, or as slow with as many or as little turns as you feel like you want to make. Short days, pain and the cold are long gone, Welcome, warmth, performance and precision.

Tecnica Mach 1 Pro LV Woman Ski Boots

429,99 € Regular Price
250,00 €Sale Price

14 Chemin des Pouvolles

Chamonix Mont Blanc




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