Oh how we love this boot, firstly it's name, "Pro Machine" isn't that a MMA Champion? Second, it works like a dream, fluid flex, light but strong, it's like some kind of "Pro Machine". Really though, it's a super smart boot. Fits so well to so many, powers so many skis so well. Take out the widest, stiffiest skis on earth, as they really do need a Nylon boot, and this really could maybe, live upto it's name (we'd suggest changing it to something like "Rotweiller"). Nordica could have the cherry in the lightweight/performance catagory here. Here's to the Nordica Cherry Bakewell.


Price is for shell only, a liner will be provided free of charge from our range of stock liners when fitting at the store. 

Fitting charge will apply.

Nordica Pro Machine 120 Ski Boots

379,99 €Price
  • 1413gms


14 Chemin des Pouvolles

Chamonix Mont Blanc




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